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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Member, kindly select your choice of hospital/facility using your feature phone (mulika mwizi) by dialing *155#, the Mobile App “My NHIF” that is available on Play Store/Apple Store and/ or the self-care portal on our website

Hello Member, facility name is the hospital you want to choose for out-patient service, while facility choice is the preferred hospital you want to select/change.

Hello Member, To update contact details, a member can visit the nearest NHIF service point or call the toll free number 0800720601 or send an email to
Hello Member, if you change your facility between now and the 15th of May 2020 the deadline, you start accessing benefits immediately.
Hello Member, OTP is an abbreviation for a one-time password, this is the password/pin send to your registered phone number, you’re required to use the password to log in NHIF system to update the out-patient facility
Hello Member, chances are that your mobile number is not updated in the NHIF database. Kindly contact NHIF through the toll-free number 0800720601 or You can also get assistance in the nearest NHIF service point.
Hello Member, facility/hospital choice/change is no longer being done at NHIF offices, to select or change the Preferred out-patient hospital, kindly dial the USSD code *155#, or Mobile App “My NHIF” on Play Store and Apple Store or Website

Hello Member, there may be a delay in processing the request, if this takes longer than usual, kindly restart the application (dial the USSD code *155#, or Mobile App “My NHIF” on Play Store and Apple Store or Website or  call the toll free number 0800720601 or through email

Hello Member, NHIF encourages one to choose one facility per Member for one to keep adequate health records per card and for easier accessibility. However, depending on the locality of your spouse & dependents, you can choose a hospital/facility that is nearest to them.
Hello Member, NHIF undertakes a rigorous procedure of contracting hospitals/facilities, but not all facilities are not in a position to offer out-patient benefits package as per our terms and conditions. Therefore, If the facility that you intend to select /choose does not appear on the NHIF list provided, then the facility does not offer the Out-patient benefit package.
Hello Member, Dependents cannot be added online. To add a child, kindly visit the nearest NHIF office with your child’s birth certificate copy and original (for certification) and for children under six (6) months, a birth notification is acceptable.
Hello Member, for in-patient services, you are not restricted to a particular hospital. You can access in-patient services in any of the NHIF accredited hospital/facility countrywide.
Hello Member, Hospital/facility changes are done quarterly for Supa Cover (national scheme) members and twice in a year for civil servants.

Hello Member, You can get the list of contracted hospital/facilities in your County by visiting the NHIF website or the nearest Branch office.

Hello Member, If denied services in the chosen facility, kindly report to the nearest NHIF office or call the toll free number 0800720601 or send an email through email Or

Hello Member, The One Time Pin (OTP) is valid for 24 hours only. In case you forget, you can restart the process again to generate the request, and the pin will be sent to your phone.
Hello Member, when choosing your facility, ensure you know the County and the correct name of the hospital of choice to complete the process.
Hello Member, the selection procedure is configured to done by the Member whose mobile phone number is captured in the NHIF system. You can only update the out-patient facility using his/her Mobile telephone number.